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Terms for Meth
222 (Chiacgo) Agua
Albino Poo Alffy
All Tweakend Long Anny
amp Bache Knock
Anything Going On Bag Chasers
Bache Rock Barney Dope
Baggers Bato-(Philippine Steet Name)
Batak (Philippine Street Name) Batu or Batunas (Hawaii)
Batu Kilat (Malaysia, it means shining rocks) Beegokes
Batuwhore Bikerdope
Bianca Bitch
Billy Blanco
Biznack Blue Acid
Blizzard Blue Funk, (Southwest Area of SD Ca.)
blue belly Booger
Bomb Boo-Yah! (Southwest Area of SD Ca.)
Boorit-Cebuano (Filipino Street Name) Buff Stick
Brian Ed Buggs
Bugger Sugar Buzzard Dust
Bumps Candy
Caca CC
Cankinstien ChaChaCha
Chach Chalk Dust
Chalk Cheese
Chank Chikin or Chicken
Cheebah Chittle
Chicken Flippin Chiznad
Chingadera Clavo
Chizel Coffee
Choad CR (California Central Valley)
Coco Crank
Cookies Crankster Gansters
Crack Whore Cri,Cri (Southwest Arizona)
Crank Is "Walk" & Coke Is "Talk." Cringe
Criddle Crizzy
Critty Crow
Crothch Dope Crypto
Crunk Crystal Meth
crystal Cube
Crystalight Devil Dust
Debbie, Tina, And Crissy Devils Drug
Devils Dandruff Dirt
Dingles Dizzy D
Dirty Do Da
D-Monic Or D Doo-My-Lau(H.B.)
Doody Drano
Dope Dyno
Dummy Dust Epod
Epimethrine Ethyl-M
Eraser Dust Fatch (Mexican Border/Arizona)
Evil Yellow Fil-Layed
Fedrin Gackle-a Fackle-a
Fizz Wizz Gas
Gak Gemini
Gear Or Get Geared Up Go
Glass Go-ey
Go Fast Go-Go Juice
Go-Go Goop
Gonzales (Like the cartoon "Speedy") Grit
Got Anything Gyp
Gumption Hank
Haiwaiian Salt Highthen
High Speed Chicken Feed Hippy Crack
Hillbilly Crack Hoo
Homework Hydro
Horse Mumpy (Tampa, Florida) Ice
Hypes Icee
Ice Cream Izice
Ish Jasmine
Jab Jetfuel
Jenny Crank Program Jib Nugget
Jib Juddha
Jinga Junk (San Diego)
Juice Killer
Kibble Kryptonite
KooLAID Lamer
la glass (pure meth with no cuts) Lemon Drop
Laundry Detergent Lily
Life Lost Weekend (Bay Area SF)
Linda Low
Love M Man
Lucille Meth
Magic Methaine
Meth Monsters Methandfriendsofmine
Methandfriend Methatrim
Methanfelony Method
Methmood Ned
Nazi Dope No Doze
Newday On A Good One
Nose Candy Peaking
Patsie Peel Dope
Peanut Butter Phets
Phazers Pieta
Philopon (East Asia) Poison
Pink Poop'd Out
Poop Pootananny
Poor Man's Coccaine (Philippines) Powder Monkeys
Powder Project Propellant
Powder Point Q'd
Puddle Quill
Pump (Bay Area SF) Rails
Quick (Canada) Redneck Heroin (Atlanta)
Rachet Jaw Rip
Rank Rocket Fuel
Richie Rich Rosebud
Rock Rumdumb
Rocky Mountain High Sack
Rudy's Sarahs
Running Pizo Scante (Southern California)
Sam's Sniff Schlep Rock
Satan Dust Scud
Scap Shab
Scooby Snax Shabs (San Francisco)
Scwadge Shamers
Sha-Bang Shit
Shabu Shiznit
Shards Shizzo
Shiznack, Shiznac, Sciznac or Shiznastica Shwack
Shiznitty Sketch
Shnizzie Snort Skitz
Skeech Sliggers
Ski Smurf Dope
Sky Rocks Snaps
Smiley Smile Space Food
Smzl Spagack
Sniff Sparked
Snow, Motivation (Colorado Springs, CO) speed
Spaceman Spin, Spin, Spin
Sparacked Spindarella
Sparkle Spinning
Speed Racer Spook
Spinack Sprizzlefracked
Spinney Boo Spun Ducky Woo
Spishak Stallar
Sprack Styels
Sprung (Mississippi) Sweetness
Squawk Ta'doww (Southwest Area of SD Ca.)
Sto-Pid Tasmanian Devil
Sugar The New Prozac
Swerve Tical
Syabu (pronounced "shabu" - SE Asia) Tish - Shit Backwards (C.V. Calif. area)
Talkie Toots
Tenner Trippin Trip
The White House Tutu (Hawaii)
Tina Or Teena Twacked Out
Tobats Tweedle Doo
Torqued Tweezwasabi
Tubbytoast Twizacked
Tweek (A Methamphetamine-Like Substance) Twack
Twiz Tweak
Ugly Dust Vanilla Pheromones
Wake Way
We We We Whacked
White White Bitch
white cross white crunch
White Ink White Junk
White Lady White Pony (Ridin' the White Pony)
Whizz Who-Ha
Wigg Xaing
Yaaba (Thailand) Yammer Bammer
YAMA Yankee
Yank Yead Out
Yay Yellow Barn
Zip Zingin
Zoom Zoiks
basehead battery bender
cluckers, chicken-headed clucks crack heads
crackies crankster or cranker
doorknobers (Nova Scotia)

fiends fiendz
gacked geek(ers)
geekin geeter
go go loser jibbhead
jibby bear jibby
Krista loker or lokers
neck creature shadow people
sketchpad or schetchers sketch cookie
sketchpads skitzers
sketch monster speed freaks
spin doctors spinsters
tweakers tweekin/the go
Crank Craters - sores on your face caused by meth
Tooter - the straw used to snort
Paper - a quarter gram  
Teenager - 1/16 ounce
Needles - called points, rigs, slammers
Paraphernalia - medical supplies or utensils
Tina Or Teena - name derives from the fact that meth is commonly bought in sixteenths of an ounce
1 ounce = 28.34952 grams
Eightball - (eighth of an ounce) = 3.5 grams (dealer absorbs the .34952 grams)
Pepsi means crank
Pepsi one means Crystal
Coke means coke